Sunday, August 10, 2014

Memes on Day One

     Much like many of my friends and family, I am getting ready to start another year of teaching.  As always, summer has gone by way too fast, my brain is filled with ideas of how I am going to make this year the best one yet, and I'm excited about the potential that this year holds.  I wanted to do something a little bit different this year for the first day of school.
     Like many teachers, the first day of my class involves reviewing my syllabus, discussing expectations, setting boundaries, and other things that students will most likely not remember in a few hours.  I thought I would mix things up this time around.  One thing that always guarantees a laugh from me is a good meme.  My personal favorites are the "Most Interesting Man In the World" memes that are in the form "I don't always...but when I do..."  They get me every time.
     I've compiled a few memes in a powerpoint to share with my students on the first day (I did not include any of the most interesting man).  My hope is that this presentation will accomplish two things; 1) they will learn and remember what my expectations are for the class, and 2) they will begin to understand my teaching style; a balance of humor, hard work, and a belief that they can be successful, regardless of their previous experiences in a math class.
     Stay thirsty my friends

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